Here's InsomniacElf.
Its a game inspired by James Kochalka's work & world :)

   Download Insomniac Elf v8b - WIN
   Download Insomniac Elf v8b - MAC (Wineskin)

Watch the Amzing Million Dollar VIDEO TRAILER of insomniac Elf!
Thanks to BB.OffWorld's for their article about the game by Brandon Boyer

v8b Changes : - Added an item, very usefull if you're feeling unlucky
- Added a boss attack and an attack variant, he's getting more physical
- Added a secret character related to American Elf, kind of easter egg
- Added an instruction screen
- (v8b: re-reverted to arrow style) Reverted to old style nodes directions
- Made Items / Family a little easier to find
- Minor balances & corrections
- Score system almost unchanged for once !

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